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Created in 2003, DUFS is the premier and largest financial skills and careers student society at the Durham University, representing and working for over 3,500 student members.

There are no membership fees: absolutely any student enrolled at the University can join us and attend all our events for free. We can operate thanks to the generous Sponsorship of our sponsors.

Our Mission Statement


...through attending workshops and partner’s presentations.


...through initiatives such as the Market Report and Investment Fund.


...top-tier financial firms through networking with and applying to partners.

Latest News

Tesla on the Up? By Shawn Lim

Despite the recent equity sell-off in October (due to rising interest rates and trade tensions between the US and China), it seems that Tesla overcame the odds by surprising investors with a record quarter. Short sellers took a huge hit as the Tesla Inc stock rose sharply over the past few weeks, from $260.00 to…
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Sky- Comcast Deal – Biggest deal of 2018? By Devansh Sachdeva

The Comcast – Sky deal has held us all in rapt attention and awe with its huge bids, counter-bids and a blowout offer. Comcast, a parent company to CNBC, E! and several other big names in broadcasting, recently won the bid for the majority control of Sky, one of Britain’s biggest broadcaster. After years of…
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Blockchain: How it works by Mattia Tino

Over the past two years, everyone has heard about the rise and fall of currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. Experts call them “Cryptocurrencies” and behind their operations, is an extremely complex engineering structure.  The software, blockchain, may rewrite the way which we manage transactions. Blockchain is a ledger, a register, which records transactions which…
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