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Created in 2003, DUFS is the premier and largest financial skills and careers student society at the Durham University, representing and working for over 3,500 student members.

There are no membership fees: absolutely any student enrolled at the University can join us and attend all our events for free. We can operate thanks to the generous Sponsorship of our sponsors.

Our Mission Statement


...through attending workshops and partner’s presentations.


...through initiatives such as the Market Report and Investment Fund.


...top-tier financial firms through networking with and applying to partners.

Latest News

SPACs – a viable alternative to the IPO?

Special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) have seen a jump in popularity through 2020 as more firms seek a viable alternative to the increasingly unreliable IPO. Whilst not an entirely new creation – the first SPAC being a 24 million USD merger between Millstream Acquisition Corporation and NationsHealth in 2003 – a number of highly respected…
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Increasing competition, ESG Concerns and COVID-19 threaten to sink the previously buoyant market for bottled water

In the last decade, large bottled water producers such as Nestle and Danone have benefitted from sales more than doubling to reach 234 billion USD in 2019, with the global market projected to reach 307.6 billion USD by 2025 according to the Financial Times. It may be surprising, then, that Nestle’s announced in June that…
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Inflation – A realistic Threat?

The COVID-19 induced economic downturn of 2020 has resulted in a dull global economic outlook for the foreseeable future. With a suppressed global output, this would normally give rise to minimal inflationary prospects. However, recent market movements suggest otherwise, as investors have remained vigilant regarding the future prospect of prices. Excessive liquidity injections combined with…
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