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Facilitating links between the City’s top institutions and Durham’s finest students Read More


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Our aim is to raise the calibre of Durham’s students to a level such that they are able to compete effectively in an elite global job market, and to provide our sponsors with access to these exceptional candidates.

The society was previously known as the ‘Durham University Investment and Finance Group’ and was renamed in 2015. The society was founded in June 2003.

Latest News

Bitcoin – a threat for future electricity consumption?

Monday, December 4th, 2017 um 8:19 pm

Veronika Tomilina Bitcoin is currency that can be traded and held electronically. It has some advantage; you can transfer from person to person without involving financial intermediaries which usually charge commissions, you also can use it in every country and you do not need to think about exchange rates. Also, your account cannot be frozen… Read more »

Can cryptocurrencies rival gold as a hedge?

Monday, December 4th, 2017 um 6:49 pm

Alexander Le Grys With growing geopolitical tensions, rising economic risks associated with higher inflationary expectations after a lost decade in the developed economies and many unstable currencies in the developing world, people have increasingly been searching for hedge investments to act as security. This has coincided with the exponential increase in the value and acceptance… Read more »

South Africa’s need for a new direction

Monday, December 4th, 2017 um 6:47 pm

  Harry Jones The S&P shook South Africa on Friday 24th November when it announced the downgrading of South African ratings. The local currency credit rating was demoted from BB+ to BBB-, sending the Rand sliding. However, the currency rallied after Moody’s decision to place the country on review for downgrade. Despite the fact that… Read more »