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Amplify Trading Simulation Day

October 28 @ 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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About Us

Created in 2003, DUFS is the premier and largest financial skills and careers student society at the Durham University, representing and working for over 3,500 student members.

There are no membership fees: absolutely any student enrolled at the University can join us and attend all our events for free. We can operate thanks to the generous Sponsorship of our sponsors.

Our Mission Statement


...through attending workshops and partner’s presentations.


...through initiatives such as the Market Report and Investment Fund.


...top-tier financial firms through networking with and applying to partners.

Latest News

How to Restore Trust in Lebanon’s Financial Institutions

Whilst a virus-induced global recession has damaged even the strongest of economies, Lebanon’s case stands out amongst them all. The Lebanese pound has lost more than 60 percent of its value over the past year, and national debt currently accounts for nearly 170 percent of GDP. Moreover, an explosion last month in the port of…
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At the Heart of China’s Self-Sufficiency Gamble

Over the last 40 years, after the establishment of socialism with Chinese characteristics and China’s subsequent financial revolution, business logic has surmounted strategic and political rivalry between the White House and Beijing. So long as demand expanded abroad, China would continue to supply, rapidly developing its Special Economic Zones to transform the mainland and lift…
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MEMX: The exchange challenging long-standing stock market players

MEMX (Members exchange), an equities exchange founded to better serve the needs of the investing public, is every economist’s dream because of the prospect of reducing the existing monopoly power in the US stock exchange market. The new exchange, backed by the likes of Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and Blackrock, was meant to launch on…
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