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Trump’s tariffs target Brazil and Argentina; amid rising concerns over the future of the US farming industry

On Monday, American President Donald Trump announced the decision to-reinstate tariffs of 25% on steel and 10% on aluminium coming from Argentina and Brazil, a proposal which failed to materialise last year for the two countries due to the ardent frustration of many domestic consumers at the idea of having to pay higher prices. Nonetheless,…

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The Untapped Mineral Fortune Under North Korea

Despite the economy of North Korea estimated to be roughly forty times smaller than that of the South, North Korea has the advantage in one field – mineral wealth. With the second largest magnesite deposit in the world, North Korea also has abundance of metals such as zinc, tungsten, iron, as well as sizeable deposits…

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The biggest IPO in history: Saudi Aramco

‘The most profitable company in the world’ has now become the most valuable firm in the world. After raising $25.6bn in the world’s biggest IPO for a 1.5% stake, Saudi Aramco – the biggest oil company in the world – is now valued at a whopping $1.7tn. Although this falls below the initial expectations of…

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