The Durham University Finance Society facilitates links between the City’s top institutions and Durham’s finest students. By running a variety of regular financial training workshops and employability events, we aim to equip our members with the skills they need to maximise their career prospects in the financial sector.

Our aim is to raise the calibre of Durham’s students to a level such that they are able to compete effectively in an elite global job market, and to provide our sponsors with access to these exceptional candidates.

Throughout the year, we hold a number of engaging events. These aim to educate our members on current financial conditions, enable them to create links with our sponsors, and improve their employability to help them gain that important internship or graduate job offer.

With the help of our sponsors, membership remains free and open to all students. The ultimate goal is for our members to join one of the elite institutions with which we work, and we are committed to providing our sponsors with the highest standard of service, working in close partnership to attract the best talent in Durham to their organisations.

In order to further raise the calibre of our members, the Durham University Finance Society runs its Market Report and Fund Team.

The former is a publication of articles written by members focussing on financial transactions and equity research, whilst the latter is a student-run fund that invests in the financial markets.

Both initiatives continue to be hugely successful in providing our members with first-hand experience of trading and compiling financial research.

The society was previously known as the ‘Durham University Investment and Finance Group’ and was renamed in 2015 in a rebranding process that involved a complete overhaul of the aims, Constitution and marketing. The society was founded in June 2003, and is run by an Executive Committee, the members of which can be viewed here.

Please view the Events Calendar to take full advantage of what we have to offer.


For the members of DUFS:

  • To provide high-quality educational events and networking opportunities to raise the level of financial literacy at Durham University.
  • To equip our members with the skills and contacts that maximise their prospects for a career in the financial sector.

For the sponsors of DUFS:

  • To provide a platform from which our sponsors’ opportunities can be effectively promoted to students at Durham University.
  • To raise the calibre of our members who apply for opportunities in the financial sector, and to facilitate our sponsors’ access to these leading candidates.


The Durham University Finance Society Constitution is available here for public viewing.