Major global institutions sponsor the Durham University Finance Society, and their generosity enables us to hold a variety of regular events in Durham and on Queen’s Campus. Please view the calendar to learn about our upcoming events, or the gallery in order to browse pictures from previous ones.


These events aim to develop our members’ knowledge of the financial sector and equip them with the information that will allow them to speak more intelligently during assessment centres and at interviews.

Trading and financial markets training is provided by a dynamic simulations specialist. Trading simulations are run on campus, mimicking the trading interactions between institutional clients and the market-making investment banks.

Corporate finance training is provided by a financial training specialist, with workshops ranging from overviews of investment banking and capital markets, all the way to detailed valuation training.

Market update presentations are given by industry professionals, providing our members with an in-depth insight into the current economic climate and market conditions.

Inspirational speaker events are also run by industry professionals and DUFS alumni, encouraging our members to make applications to and investigate divisions which they might otherwise not have considered.


The Finance Society connects our sponsors to Durham’s most promising candidates through presentation series and workshops.

Sponsors use our experienced Events Team to book events at Durham’s top venues, and make use of our large member base in order to reach out to as many students as possible.

London Day: Each year, the Finance Society takes a select group of members to London for the day to visit the offices of some of our sponsors.

The London Day serves as an opportunity for our sponsors to meet our most exceptional members, and allows our members to use the day to gain a greater understanding of our sponsors’ institutions.

DUFS Dinners: The society invites sponsors to visit Durham with a number of business representatives to meet a selection of our exceptional members over dinner. They are often combined with a market update presentation from the sponsor before dinner.

Other Networking Events: The society runs networking drinks sessions, breakfasts, lunches and afternoon teas with our sponsors, which all serve as an opportunity for our members to meet leading business representatives.


Using our sponsors and our Executive Committee’s job application experience, the society puts on a number of events to improve our members’ chances of gaining an internship or graduate offer.

One-on-one CV and interview training sessions are run by industry professionals and Durham students who have completed internships and gained graduate job offers themselves.

Spring Week workshops are held once a year for first year students, and include an introduction to the financial industry and an overview of its divisions.

Summer Internship and Graduate Application workshops are held for students in second year and beyond, and include more advanced preparation for interviews and assessment days.


The Finance Society holds several social events for its members during the year in order for like-minded individuals to meet and share their experiences.

In February 2015, the inaugural Durham University Business and Finance Ball was held in the Durham Town Hall in conjunction with the Durham University Consulting and Women In Business Societies.

160 students enjoyed dinner seated with like-minded future business leaders, and the event served as an excellent opportunity for students to compare internship experiences and share application advice.