As the presence of Durham University alumni in the financial industry increases, we would like to introduce you to the DUFS Alumni Network. This initiative was launched when the society was rebranded in 2015, with the aim of harnessing the experiences of the alumni already succeeding in finance and creating a network that can be used to build new relationships between the leaders of today, and emerging leaders of tomorrow.

We encourage you to join the DUFS Alumni Network to stay in contact with your University peers and to hear about upcoming alumni events, either in Durham, London or beyond.

To join the Network, please register your details on our database by using the following link. The database is kept private and your details will not be shared with others.

Join the Alumni Network

We would also encourage you to join our LinkedIn Alumni Group.

You are able to indicate on the form whether you are able to provide careers advice to our current members. The Durham University Finance Society continuously endeavours to provide assistance to our current members to enable them the best employment chances upon graduation. Whether it be a quick email or phone call, or even providing a contact who is able to offer work experience, we would be extremely grateful if you are able to provide help. Alumni have no obligation to respond should a student get in touch, and students are only given the contact details of the relevant persons when they show sufficient reason.