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An insight into how blockchain is restructuring real estate towards a new age of digitalisation

Christopher Oufi In 2010, 5,000 bitcoins could buy you a pizza, where 2017 brought about a modern-day phenomenon. That same number of bitcoins is now worth approximately $34 million. Its popularity has grown exponentially, and blockchain technology is here for the long-run despite any concerted attempts to apply intrusive regulation. This decentralised ledger offers the… Read more »

Softbank’s Investments: Chaos or Clarity?

Estia Ryan My first phone in middle school was a pastel blue solar hybrid flip phone made by Softbank. That was in 2009, when the Japanese technology company’s stock price wavered around a mere 2,000 yen. From 2016, prices have shot upwards, peaking at 10,295 yen in October 2017 and stabilising at 8,485 yen after… Read more »

Glencore: An outlook for the world’s largest commodity producer

Rajinder Dhesi This week the commodities giant Glencore announced pre-tax earnings of $14.7 billion for 2017, a 44% rise compared to the previous twelve-month period. Its share price has subsequently risen by up 22% to 399.3 pence (21st February 2018). There are several reasons for this strong performance. First, and perhaps most significantly, the renewable… Read more »

Social Media Junkies

Estia Ryan Social media – we all take part in it, some way or another. Whether it’s the recurring ‘ping’ from Messenger, Snapchat, or Instagram, the social-validation feedback loop is ruining productivity and attention spans. 50% of parents and 70% of teenagers feel urged to respond to these notifications immediately. Social media executives themselves are… Read more »

The UK construction sector showing signs of stagnation coming into 2018?

Christopher Oufi Entering 2018, the UK construction scene hasn’t looked too promising as of late.  February 2nd saw the release of the much anticipated IHS Markit/CIPS UK Construction PMI index. This seasonally adjusted index provides an indication of the current state of the sector. A posting of 50.2 for January was below the 52.2 from… Read more »

The transforming business of estate agents

Frances Senn It is widely accepted that most things are easier done online. Physically entering estate agents is becoming a thing of the past. Nowadays potential buyers often have completed a preliminary property search online prior to their visit. Online property search companies offer clever capabilities; filters, price ranges and property comparisons, with the aim… Read more »

Financial volatility poses problems for Chinese markets

Oliver Dyson Since the 2008 crisis, sovereign debt from the Emerging Markets has been on a steady rise. From the 146% to 217% increase in public debt across the IIF 21 countries (compared to aggregated GDP), it is clear that developing nations are more indebted today than at any point since the crisis. The same… Read more »

Indonesia – a worthy investment?

Danielle Cuaycong Indonesia, Southeast Asia’s largest economy, has experienced an increase in its sovereign credit rating. Indonesia’s upgrade to an investment-grade level Standard & Poor in May 2017 has indicated for the first time since the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis that Indonesia has an investment-grade rating by all of the ‘Big 3’ ratings agencies. Due… Read more »