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Uber Data Breach Scandal

Olivia Warwick Uber revealed last Tuesday that it paid a $100,000 ransom to hackers in an attempt to cover up a data breach that impacted 57 million accounts in October last year. Uber said they had identified the hackers and ensured they had destroyed the stolen data. The names, emails, and phone numbers of millions… Read more »

Tesla production slump — Can they stay afloat?

Olivia Warwick The electric car maker Tesla has hit snags in its attempt to become a mass market player through production of affordable Model 3 automobiles. Quarterly results released 1st November showed a rise in post-tax losses by 67% to $671m. Tesla’s shares fell by 6.8% on the 2nd November partly due to US government… Read more »

Federal Reserve Rate Hike and its Implications on the Global Economy

Jonathan Eng After the release of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) minutes on the 22nd November, there has been a mixture of reactions to the signalling of an increase in the Federal Rate. The minutes reflect a more positive atmosphere in the US economy; with a strengthening labour market and a gradual increase in… Read more »

The largest technology M&A in history: stranded?

Jim Lee Singaporean-American semi-conductor giant Broadcom offered Qualcomm, a Silicon Valley semi-conductor giant, a $105 billion acquisition deal, involving a 28% premium on Qualcomm’s closing price. Although potentially the largest ever technology acquisition, both Qualcomm’s investors and its board declined Broadcom’s offer. Behind this potentially historical deal there are various problems, and possible conflict between… Read more »

Ethical Investing: watching the triple bottom line has started to make real economic sense

Isabella Ferros Be it Corporate Social Responsibly, Corporate Accountability, or Creating Shared Value, a plethora of terms have emerged and somewhat inconsequentially circulated the ranks of financial institutions over the last half century. Only recently have investment patterns actually begun to mirror these sentiments. Recent analysis shows that funds which have integrated environmental, social, and… Read more »

Smart(er) Personalised Marketing

Estia Ryan Pop up ads have been around for quite some time now, but only now are they becoming more enticing. Welcome to the age of smart personalised marketing, where ads and services are tailored to suit your online identity. One Canadian startup, Vidyard, is at the forefront of personalised marketing. It creates individual video… Read more »

Disney and Fox M&A Whispers

Estia Ryan Disney and 21st Century Fox have been holding M&A talks behind closed doors. Walt Disney Co (DIS) could be buying shares from the mass media company to increase competition with ever-growing rivals Netflix and Amazon. Moving away from their traditional business model into a digitized, modern company could end Disney’s profit dry spell…. Read more »

Brexit triggering more than just Article 50 — A stark correction of the UK commercial real estate market on the horizon?

Christopher Oufi UK real estate is estimated to be worth a staggering £871 billion according to the British Property Federation. This value is equivalent to 10% of the UK’s net wealth, showing just how important this market is to the nation that has immersed itself in a risky situation. HMRC stated that 20% of the… Read more »