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Hong Kong Equity Markets 101

Jonathan Eng With China seeking to establish itself as the next global hegemon and Trump’s ‘America First’ Policy continuing to rewind previous efforts for globalisation, perhaps it’s an opportune time to better understand what exactly is going on in the Oriental East. With China continually promoting its Belt and Road Initiative, the internationalisation of the… Read more »

Macron’s Blooming Tech

Estia Ryan ‘Choose France’ was Macron’s memorable slogan at the World Economic Forum last week. ‘GAFAs’, the French name for FANGS, are looking to invest significantly in artificial intelligence with France making headway in becoming Europe’s next startup hub. It isn’t only the Web Giants that are responding to Macron’s policies; startups in Station F… Read more »

Will Duterte lead the Philippines to economic success?

Danielle Cuaycong With the contentious drug issues in the Philippines capturing newspaper headlines across the world, it is natural to question the success of President Duterte’s regime. However, despite an array of discouraging foreign opinions on Duterte’s harsh words and political actions, he still remains significantly popular after a year in office with many stating… Read more »

Is the ‘Putin List’ a real issue for Russia?

Ollie Dyson The USA’s recent release of the ‘oligarch list’, a treasury report on 210 of Russia’s richest and most influential businessmen (including details on their links to Putin) has sparked fresh worries of future sanctions. Indeed, there are already a multitude of American and EU-type restrictions on several Russian banks, and the western companies… Read more »

Can solar energy power the world?

Veronika Tomilina There is a big shift currently towards renewable energy and away from fossil fuels. Governments are introducing new legislation to reduce carbon emissions and providing significant subsidies for renewable energy production. In this article, I want to discuss the development and usage of solar panels. Just 254 km of solar panels in the… Read more »

The micro-energy revolution

Richard Holland The era of large-scale power plants is gradually, but finally, coming to an end and, in 2017, Britain generated a full day’s electricity without coal for the first time in over 130 years as companies and governments are choosing to invest in renewable energy projects. However, there is a micro revolution that is… Read more »

Trump, his tax reform, and the US real estate market

Donald Trump’s tax reform is taking a stranglehold on the U.S. real estate market – Who are the real winners and losers? Christopher Oufi On 20th December 2017, Congress passed the Tax Reform Act, including a major revamp of the Internal Revenue Code. As soon as two days after this, Donald Trump signed the tax… Read more »

An ageing population

Frances Senn Recent reports suggest the value of the UK housing stock has risen by a third in the past decade. However, this rise is not coming from new builds or government schemes promoting affordability, but rather it is a result of the ageing population. Between 1975 and 2015, the percentage of the population aged… Read more »