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Global Real Estate Concerns – The House Always Wins?

Benjamin Foster Global real estate markets are facing increased concerns as the fundamentals of previously booming markets begin to scare regulators and institutional investors. The main target of this disquiet is China, with Beijing and Shanghai both well known for ballooning house prices and witnessing double-digit gains last year. Whilst this has prompted a degree… Read more »

Will Abolishing Stamp Duty Help First Time Buyers?

Frances Senn In the most recent budget, Phillip Hammond announced plans to abolish the stamp duty for first time buyers looking on low value housing. This new piece of legislation looks to help young people climb onto the first rung of the property ladder. The idea behind this is that it will make deposits more… Read more »

Sirius Minerals PLC

Berk Sahin Sirius Minerals PLC, with its ambitious plan to build Britain’s deepest mine under the national parkland of North Yorkshire, has drawn considerable investor interest in the recent months. The company wants to dig up polyhalite to the south of Whitby, which can be used as a fertiliser that regulates water content and improves… Read more »

Spring Week Workshop

The DUFS exec will be running a Spring Week Workshop for first year students of a 3 year course and second year students of a 4 year course. This event is open to absolutely ALL degree disciplines! The session will cover: What is a Spring Week? Covering letters and the Application Process What Diversity Programs… Read more »

Is Gold losing its shine?

Alexander Le Grys The price of gold rose 0.2% to settle at $1,280.25 per troy ounce (oz t)  this week in New York, and with little fluctuation occurring in 2017, some suggest this precious metal has stagnated. The price has remained within the $1250-1350 range since April 2016, except in December 2016 following a surge… Read more »

Russia’s increasing dominance in wheat exports

Rajinder Dhesi Russian wheat exports have risen 40% over a three-year period, making the nation the largest wheat exporter after the USA. Analysis of the commodity presents an indication of longer term geopolitical and economic variables influencing the Kremlin’s agricultural policy makers. Export growth can be reasoned by two underlying factors. First of all, Russian… Read more »

It is time to buy cocoa for Christmas

Veronika Tomilina At the beginning of November Cocoa futures rose steadily. What forced them to rise? Is it economic supply-demand factors? In this report, I am going to discuss this agricultural commodity and how it behaved at the beginning of the month. The biggest supply of cocoa comes from the Ivory Coast in West Africa…. Read more »

Corbyn’s manifesto of re-nationalisation: a return to the dark ages?

Richard Holland Jeremy Corbyn’s manifesto was leaked in May of this year, sparking fears of re-nationalisation in the Utilities industry as the Labour leader threatened to “take energy… [and] the railways back into public ownership”. The market responded to the news in typical fashion, with National Grid’s share price falling by 24%, and both SSE… Read more »