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Venezuela: “defying economic gravity”?

Oliver Dyson Venezuela’s economic outlook is looking bleaker by the day. On Monday 13th November, the struggling nation officially defaulted on the first of its government bonds, after missing $200m in interest payments, according to ratings agency S&P. These are expected to be the first in a long string of defaults in the next few… Read more »

Pharma companies are safe from Amazon – but for how long?

Jake Buckley For the past few weeks it has appeared increasingly likely that e-commerce giant Amazon has been preparing for a move into the drug selling business. In the last couple of days, however, Amazon has told regulators it will not ‘ship or sell drugs’ and instead seem set to tackle the simpler market of… Read more »

Turning vulnerability into an opportunity in Brazil

Harry Jones Brazil has been attempting to undertake a number of reforms in order to transform its economy and drive economic growth. However, this reform agenda may have suffered a major setback following claims that the Brazilian government has thrown in the towel on its pension reforms, causing a 2.7% fall in the Bovespa stock… Read more »

The implications of technology in healthcare

Hyesung Lim With advancements in technology causing far-reaching disruptions across the business landscape, there has been a race among companies in all regions and industry sectors to reap the competitive advantages offered by the latest innovations. Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies have not been an exception to such a pervasive trend. Recent movements show that they… Read more »

India, its demonetisation and the banking sector

Danielle Cuaycong Ranked as the fourth fastest growing economy in the world, keeping up with India is no easy feat. With the IMF predicting that the Indian economy will achieve growth of 7.2% in 2017-18, the Indian banking sector’s potential and ability to uphold this high value of GDP has raised questions. Despite India’s demonetisation… Read more »

Paradoxes of Ryanair

Min Thant Recent news regarding European budget airlines are full of despair, with the collapse of the several airlines such as AirBerlin, Alitalia, and Monarch. In addition to this, Ryanair was forced to cancel 20,000 of its flights in recent months due to mismanagement with pilot rosters, calling this event ‘perfect storm’ by Ryanair. As… Read more »

Stepping Up Scrutiny of Initial Coin Offerings

Isabella Ferros Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), a method of digitally raising funds from the public using cryptocurrencies, have become an increasing quandary amongst regulators in recent months. Functionally, an ICO can be considered as a ‘coin sale’, whereby issuers accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ether in return for a proprietary ‘coin’ or ‘token’, which… Read more »

Innovative Payments in FI: Block by (Sort of) Blockchain

Benjamin Foster Financial innovation company R3 CEV and its 22 member banks have developed a new, blockchain-based platform to enable cost effective and near instantaneous cross-border payments, based upon Corda, a distributed ledger technology. At present, international transactions can take several days to be fully finalised, leading not only to delays, but the greater potential… Read more »