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The micro-energy revolution

Richard Holland The era of large-scale power plants is gradually, but finally, coming to an end and, in 2017, Britain generated a full day’s electricity without coal for the first time in over 130 years as companies and governments are choosing to invest in renewable energy projects. However, there is a micro revolution that is… Read more »

Trump, his tax reform, and the US real estate market

Donald Trump’s tax reform is taking a stranglehold on the U.S. real estate market – Who are the real winners and losers? Christopher Oufi On 20th December 2017, Congress passed the Tax Reform Act, including a major revamp of the Internal Revenue Code. As soon as two days after this, Donald Trump signed the tax… Read more »

An ageing population

Frances Senn Recent reports suggest the value of the UK housing stock has risen by a third in the past decade. However, this rise is not coming from new builds or government schemes promoting affordability, but rather it is a result of the ageing population. Between 1975 and 2015, the percentage of the population aged… Read more »

Copper: time to be taken seriously

Alexander Le Grys After a brilliant year for copper, 2018 so far has not matched the upward trend experienced in 2017. On 28th December copper reached its highest price in almost 4 years, and a 30% increment on the previous year. Copper has had a poorer performance in January though, sinking below $7,000 a tonne… Read more »

If the cryptocurrency bubble bursts, could gold once again be king?

Rajinder Dhesi Bitcoin is undergoing a steep decline in value; last week, the leading cryptocurrency lost 50% of its value compared to its 2017 peak ($19,783 on December 17th). The wider cryptocurrency market has been bearish, with Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin all experiencing double-digit losses compared to their peak values last year. Meanwhile, gold is… Read more »

Is rising inequality restraining Indian growth?

Harry Jones The World Inequality Report 2018 has raised concerns over the prospects for the Indian economy. The report presents an overview of inequality worldwide, showing that inequality has been rising in most regions, but with different magnitudes. Indian figures appear to be the most worrying, especially with the increase in the share of income… Read more »

2018: Oil Market Optimism

Shawn Lim Last year saw the surprise increase in oil prices where the West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude futures broke the $60 barrier in December 2017 and continued to increase ending at $66.15 a barrel on January 25th 2018. Similarly, the benchmark of Brent Crude finally hit the magical $70 mark on January 15th 2018… Read more »

The future of investing in Zimbabwe

Danielle Cuaycong When Robert Mugabe stepped down as President of Zimbabwe in 2017 after an extraordinarily long four decades, people turned to the new President Emmerson Mnangagwa (nicknamed “the Crocodile”) in the hope that he would help recuperate the diminishing finances, reduce corruption and increase foreign investment in a country that once boasted massive potential…. Read more »