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The flowers, the markets and our defiance against terrorism

Steven Tai Almost ten years on from the 7/7 London bombing in 2005 that killed 52 people, the 13th November has marked to be another unforgettable day of atrocity in contemporary European history. Policy makers and the media seem to circulate the defiant message that ‘terrorism does not change our way of life’, this is… Read more »

Market rigging: A breakdown

David Joseph As scandal after scandal erodes trust in the illustrious but increasingly unpopular financial sector, one of the latest to come to light concerns the rigging of markets. Whether it’s LIBOR, or one of a hundred different Foreign Exchange rates, it seems over the past few years limited markets have been safe from greedy… Read more »

South Africa: A puzzling picture

James Zackon The South African economy is still trying to find its feet after a barrage of woes over the past couple of years. Last week we saw the Rand weakened even further, hitting a record low of 21.97 to the British pound. There are multiple reasons for this. Firstly, there has been a general… Read more »

Cellectis SA and the potential cure for leukaemia

Josh Moss Layla Richards, at just 3 months of age was suffering from incurable acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, according to the New Scientist magazine. Typical treatments include chemotherapy and bone marrow transplants, however, they were unsuccessful when applied to Layla. According to the BBC, medical staff along with Cellectis SA, a Paris-based startup specialising in biotechnology… Read more »

The pharma M&A wave: Key factors

Anupurba Roy Mergers and acquisitions activity in the pharmaceutical industry has been unusually high this year. $221 billion worth of pharmaceutical deals were completed in just the first half of this year, triple the amount during the first half of 2014. Worldwide M&A in the healthcare industry was up 76% from its 2014 levels in… Read more »

First results announced for collaboration between 14M Genomics and EORTC

Christopher Brawand 14M Genomics (“14MG”), and the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (“EORTC”) began Screening Patients for the Efficient Trial Access (SPECTA) programme in 2013. The first results of this programme are now available. SPECTAcolor, focuses on diagnosing and treating patients with colorectal cancer, and has been launched in over 30 clinical… Read more »

Pfizer and Allergan: Potential mega-merger

Raph Amsili Pharmaceutical giants, Pfizer and Allergan, have a potential merger in the pipeline which would form the largest presence in the market at an estimated valuation of over $300bn. Pfizer are responsible for the cholesterol pill, Lipitor, once the world’s bestselling drug and of course Viagra; Allergan is best known for Botox and also… Read more »

Amplify Trading: Live Trading Session

To register for a place at this event, please email And please bring a laptop if you would like to be able to participate in the second session. Contemporary Global Macro: ReTrader Event, 13:00 – 14:30 Practical experience in today’s financial markets Amplify Trading‘s Managing Director will be delivering a direct insight into how… Read more »