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Tech Startups

Andreas Athanasopoulos Technology startups have revolutionised the way a company is founded. In every introductory economics class we learn that oligopolies can be detrimental due to high barriers to entry. Such barriers usually include high capital requirements or advertising costs. However, venture capitalists, the internet and social media sites have allowed new tech start-ups to… Read more »

Tug of War: Heathrow and Gatwick

Anupurba Roy It is an odd contradiction that London’s Heathrow Airport, which is one of the busiest in the world, is also one of the smallest. In terms of area Heathrow ranks 25th in the world, far behind airports with significantly lesser traffic. The airport has been operating at full capacity for years. Simmilarly, London’s… Read more »

Oil prices: possible implications for consumer spending

Peter Elkin The question often raised in recent months is how will the combination of massively reduced oil prices and stagnant inflation effect consumer spending patterns? Chancellor George Osborne took to twitter in early January stating; the ‘Oil price was $53 pbl last night – lowest in 5yrs, vital this is passed on to families… Read more »

EU QE: Is it the answer?

Mario Draghi, ECB president announced, on the 22nd of January, the €1.1 trillion asset-purchase program, which has sent the euro tumbling against the dollar to its lowest level for a decade. The recently announced QE program has been shrouded in controversy, with many believing that the unconventional monetary policy doesn’t provide an effective solution. Concerns… Read more »

Pfizer Split?

Pedro Yaguez-Bovio Pfizer is the world’s largest drugmaker with sales of nearly $50 billion in 2014. Pfizer’s management is currently changing the structure of the corporation in a move which could have big impacts for investors. Pfizer has long-term issues related to the expiration of patents for profitable drugs such as Celebrex and Lipitor. However… Read more »

Germany’s Green Goals

Matthew Potts Germany’s influence on the international stage is becoming ever more crucial. With current tensions within the Eurozone over the combative stance from the Greeks regarding the Troika’s bailout programme, the German government is poised to determine the fate of the currency. However, just as intriguing, and important, is the nation’s current domestic energy… Read more »

The Big Six pricing strategies under pressure?

Alisa Strokova The industry regulatory body, Ofgem, reports energy suppliers exploiting decreasing wholesale prices of gas as their average pretax profits rise to £114 per household despite the latest trend of price cuts. It suggests the companies have failed to maintain prices respective to falling wholesale prices across the last two years. Ofgem’s supply market… Read more »

Gratis fruitautomaten spelletjes

Ieder Looping symbolen op gokkasten en er kan gespeeld.. Gokkasten en leuke fruitautomaat met maximaal 3 credits op. Cool 777Drie Looping symbolen leveren bij Oranje Casino. Super jackpotDrie ‘sterling seven’ symbolen op maar elke andere kris-kras combinatie.. Wild Stars gokkast kan worden met de diamant symbolen op maar zet jezelf niet krijgen! Er kunnen per… Read more »