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Application Success

When making applications, it is important to cover as many companies as possible, whilst ensuring that you still tailor each one to their firm. If you send the same CV to 100 companies, 99 of them will have received the wrong one. The DUFS has created a set of CV'sCovering Letters and Industry Guides to help you perform to your best.

Do you have an interview coming up?

The DUFS maintains a database of current Durham students who have completed Spring Week or Summer Internship, or obtained graduate roles. If you would like advice with regards to interviewing with a specific firm or division, please email us at . Alternatively, reach out to us on social media.

We will hopefully be able to put you in touch with a student who has similarly interviewed with that firm in the past. If you are able to offer advice to other students, please join our database using the link below.

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Learning from others

Durham University Finance Society endeavours to provide assistance to our current members to enable them to achieve their best.

If you are a current Durham student who is applying for a Spring Week or Summer Internship, or secured a graduate role, please feel free to access our student resources set up to help prepare you for success! Everything from CV assistance to interview questions and answers can be found.